Interviewing and Photographing Raye Zaragoza


Raye Zaragoza

I have really been showcased as a protest song writer or as a political writer. I think that is great, because so many of the artists I have looked up to my whole life have also been pegged as political or protest song writers. Such as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and I really look up to them. So while I do appreciate it and like it, it is definitly not all I have to offer.
— Raye Zaragoza

I sat down with Raye to talk about her music, philosophy, writing process and what she is looking to do in the future.  Raye's first album was released in April 2017 and was self produced.  Her album is a culmination of political expression stemming from causes or situations important to her with songs like "In the River and American Dream" but also shows a vulnerably emotional side with songs such as "Bushwick Avenue and Speedway"

Raye is not shy when talking about causes that are important to her and is someone that wants to do whatever she can to help.  Her unique vocal blend, talent for writing and passion has her seeing a growing fan-base that is not only dedicated but embraces her at each show.  Something about Raye you might not know, she is a goofball!  When I was sitting down with Raye it was refreshing to see an artist joke around, laugh and enjoy what she is doing.  As some people might see her as a serious voice for a cause (which she is as well) she is also a kind person with a big smile and contagious laugh.  Watch my part one interview with her down below.  Part two will be coming soon.  Raye is currently on tour with a few dates left on the schedule.  You can check out more at her website

Raye's album Fight for You is out now and available on her website! Click the picture!

Raye's album Fight for You is out now and available on her website! Click the picture!


I sat down and interviewed the very talenetd artists Raye Zaragoza during her tour stop in Raleigh NC. Raye has written some very impactful protest songs but she is more then just that. Her album was released in April of 2017 and is available for purchase.


Kobra & The Lotus | New Video for "Velvet Roses"



Kobra And The Lotus kept their word and delivered the second part of their opus magnum one year after the successful release of rock juggernaut Prevail IPrevail II is the proverbial yang to the ying and continues right where Kobra And The Lotus left off in 2017. 
Last week the band released a new music video for their new song "Velvet Roses".  In less than a week the video has over 60,000 views and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Video shows around the country have been adding and featuring 'Velvet Roses' heavily as well!

“Our new music vid for ’Velvet Roses’ is out and we couldn’t be more stoked! This is, across the board, one of the band’s most favorite vids we’ve ever made. High impact, pure rock adrenaline packed with our sense of humor. In a world so full of sh*t, it feels great to not take everything so seriously and let the moment run wild. I hope we inflict some serious smilage!”
— Kobra & The Lotus

In more "Velvet Roses" news, the single is currently climbing the charts, recently debuting at #38 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart!  HardDrive, the nationally syndicated show hosted by Lou Brutus, recently featured "Velvet Roses"on their Smash OR Crash feature, winning it hands down. Kobra wants to remind the fans: "Grab it, stream it, jam it, and don't forget to request 'Velvet Roses' on your local radio station."

Watch a special acoustic performance from Kobra and the Lotus taken from their recent appearance on Calgary's CTV.  Watch the special performance of "Let Me Love You" HERE


In support of Prevail II,the band will be doing a Co-headlining tour through Europe with the BUTCHER BABIES; make sure to catch them live on the following dates:

04.10.18 CH - Solothurn / Kulturfabrik
05.10.18 FR - Marseille / Jas Rod
06.10.18 ES - Barcelona / Salamandra
07.10.18 ES - Madrid / Caracol
09.10.18 FR - Lyon / O Totem
10.10.18 IT  - Brescia / Circolo Colony
11.10.18 AT - Vienna / Viper Room
12.10.18 DE - Ingolstadt / Eventhall Westpark

13.10.18 CH - Sachseln / Metal Scar Fest
14.10.18 DE - Mannheim / MS Connexion
16.10.18 DK - Aarhaus / Voxhall
17.10.18 DE - Hamburg / Headcrash
18.10.18 DE - Oberhausen / Kulttempel
19.10.18 DE - Siegburg / Kubana
20.10.18 NL - Arnhem / Willemeen
21.10.18 BE - Vosselaar / Biebob


  • Kobra Paige - Vocals
  • Jasio Kulakowski - Guitars
  • Ronny Gutierrez - Guitars
  • Brad Kennedy - Bass
  • Marcus Lee - Drums