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JD Eicher is an American singer-songwriter and talented musician from Youngstown, OH. Both billed as JD Eicher and the Goodnights, and independently as JD Eicher, he has released four albums- The Shape of Things (8/2009), Shifting (5/2011), Into Place (9/2013), and The Middle Distance (5/2016). The latter is one of my personal favorites and the first album that introduced me to the talents, and the soothing voice of JD.


His most recent work, The Compass- EP was released on March 8, 2019, and the 6 songs that the album is comprised of are presently available for download on Apple iTunes. My favorite song and first track on this latest album is, Ain’t My Scene. When I first heard the song as I was sitting in traffic, I thought it was different from the vibe of his previous album, The Middle Distance. Not only did I love the rhythmic beat and tempo of the song, but I loved the way his vocals complimented them. The song is hip, upbeat, soft, and energetic all at the same time. I also love how relatable and real JD’s lyrics are; those are the elements that help make a connection to any song, and/or songwriter. JD is very gifted in that. This song specifically, speaks to letting down your walls, being open, and finding who you are and where you fit.

Which leads me to Find Me Here, the second track listed on the album. Another uplifting beat, matched with beautiful lyrics and vocals that raise the whole vibration of the song, which can’t help but fill any listener with hope, love, and comfort. I’m a big fan of piano instrumentals in songs, and was elated to hear the strong piano notes in this song, which I felt added to the song’s powerful message.

A departure from the two songs above, coming in at a slower and more solumn tone, but no less powerful, is the albums fourth track, Maybe You Should Know. Once again, the vocals and lyrics succeed in delivering another thought provoking message to the listener. This track, while poignant, is smooth and carried by the vocals and less so than by the instrumentals, which are soft and subtle. The beat is consistent, with no real rise or fall. I enjoyed the shift in energy, the message, and the soothing vibration this song provided and evoked in me the ability to slow down and relax.

A compass is a tool we use to find our way when we are lost and/or looking to find our direction. The meaning of the album, The Compass was not lost on me and JD’s lyrics, vocals, and perfectly matched instrumentals beautifully execute the delivery of his message to his following. JD’s songs are deep, powerful, and resonate with many of those who are going through personal struggles, challenges, and changes. This album merits 4 stars from this reviewer, and is available for preview and purchase on Apple iTunes.

Review by Allyson Romano
f28 Contributing Music Editor

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Lead Photographer of f28 Chris Sturk had the pleasure of covering JD during his tour stop in Raleigh NC while opening up for Sister Hazel. Look at the pictures below.