Photographing Greenday with Catfish & the Bottlemen


I got the chance to photograph one of my all time favorite bands, Greenday.  When I was in high school or going into high school this band came out with there first hit record, Dookie.  I played this record over and over again in my room to the annoyance of my parents.  Greenday was an influential part of my youth in the early 90's.   I am almost 40 now so this was years ago but to me it seems just like yesterday.  When I was given the opportunity to photograph them I jumped at it.  I was so excited when I found out that I was photographing from the pit.  It was a little touch and go for about an hour due to severe weather that crept into North Carolina.  We thought they were going to cancel the show.  I had a couple of other photographer friends that were photographing for different publications decide not to come due to the weather.  I stuck around and sat in my car hoping the show would go on, I had been waiting for this for months.  

The weather finally let up enough that Greenday and the venue decided to go on with the show.  I cannot express to you my excitement.  :)  I grabbed my gear and ran out of my car, picked up my media pass and walked straight down to the stage.  We waited for a little while until Greenday came on stage and it was awesome.  They came out ready to rock out with every fan they could.  There opening act Catfish and Bottleman were amazing also.  I got to photograph the first three songs of the show and it was great.  
I was excited about this for a few reasons.  I saw Greenday live when I was in high school at this huge concert where several bands were playing.  I think it was called River Rave.  I remember being so excited to see them and here I am over 20 years later photographing them up close and personal.  It was a great night and I so excited I got to experience it. 


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