My heart aches tonight for Las Vegas

This photograph was taken during his show in North Carolina.

This photograph was taken during his show in North Carolina.


I am sure most of you have heard about the tragic and senseless attack on fans enjoying the Jason Aldean set in Las Vegas.  When I woke up this morning and saw my news feed I could not believe what I was reading.  I watched some of the videos that fans had shared after the horrific attack happened.  I was speechless, angry and disgusted.  I have photographed over 55 different musicians and artists.  I have gone to over 45 different concerts in the past 3 years.  When I think about going to a concert I think of fun, the music and most of all the connection with other like minded fans.  I never in my life would of thought such a vile attack would happen on such a large scale at a music venue.  My heart aches tonight for the families, the fans, the first responders and everyone else who was closely involved in this unbelievable tragedy.   Being a music photographer and going to concerts,  sometimes 3 a week, this was a harsh reality check into the violence and pain someone can cause at a peaceful and happy music event.  When I saw the images and the footage of people trying to find cover, I just felt so scared for them.  I also saw something that showed the humanity and bravery of people.  I saw video of other concert goers running back into the venue to grab people and creating makeshift gurneys to help carry the injured.  I saw people coordinating and utilizing personal cars, trucks and other transport vehicles to bring people to the hospital.   


I am sure all of you feel the shock and grief that I feel about this....... just, disgusting act of violence.  I photographed Jason Aldean when he was here in NC and saw almost 17,000 people relaxing and enjoying the show.  I can only imagine that same free spirit vibe was embraced during the Las Vegas show.  I wish there is something I could say or do but my heart aches for the families, friends, fans and people directly impacted by this horrific act.  

My heart goes out to you Las Vegas.