Photographing Lecrae, AHA & 1Kphew | All Things Work Together Tour


I got the chance to photograph Lecrae, Aha and 1kphew at the Ritz in Raleigh NC on October 20th.  I received an e-mail from Aha's representatives and was asked if I would photograph the concert.  They would give me all back stage access and I would actually go on stage with Aha to photograph him.  I met everyone at the Ritz and met Lecrae, Aha and 1kphew.  I was there to primarily photograph Aha but was also allowed to photograph the opening acts for 3 songs each.  Due to me being hired to photograph Aha and having all access I was able to go on stage with him and take pictures of the performance up close and personal.  It was a great experience and Aha was a great guy.  He was engaging and loved what he was doing.  He was excited about the show and wanted to give the crowd a good show.  They put on a spectacular show and got the crowd pumped for every song they performed.  This is my first all access photography pass ever.  I sat back stage with the artists and talked about music, photography styles and even sat on the tour bus to help 1kphew create a video for his Instagram page to promote an upcoming concert.  It was something I hope to do again in the future and hopefully take more BTS style photographs back stage of upcoming shows.  The fans were amazing and showed so much love to each of the artists on stage.  They sang a long and showed their enthusiasm for the performance.  Here are some pictures from the show.  All images are copyrighted.  For information please contact Chris at