Photographing Zack Brown Band


I got the opportunity to photograph the Zack Brown band on Friday October 6th at the Coastal Creek Music Pavilion in Raleigh NC.  I was photographing the show for the radio station 94.7 QDR.  The crowd was calm and relaxed and it was a beautiful night out.  Zack interacted with the crowd and everyone was having a good time.  The air was warm but had a few cool breezes whispering through the air to cool you down.  We were given the media pass to photograph the first 3 songs of each band that played including Zack Brown.  

I left work, went home and walked the dogs then headed on over to the show.  Security was a little more tight since the tragic events in Las Vegas.  Zack Brown sounded great and the light show was very cool.  He had three huge screens behind him showing different videos and also showing each musician as they played there parts in the song.  I have attached a video showing part of the show from Zack Browns concert at the bottom of this blog.  We had to photographed the show from the soundboard which is always a bummer because the pit allows you to get some of the really great close up photographs.  Either way I got the chance to capture some good images of Zack Brown Band.  I hope you enjoy!