Photographing Cosmic Superheroes


I have been looking at different venues in the Raleigh area to photographing local bands.  One of the places I like is called The Pour House Music Hall.  I gone to this place several times over the years to see local bands show there newest material.  I decided on Saturday night that I wanted to stop by this location to see if I could photograph any bands playing.  I was approved to go in and take pictures and I was pleasantly surprised.   I asked the management if I could talk to the first band to play on stage, he directed me to there singer.  I let him know that I was there to photograph the show and gave him my card.   The show started and I really was blown away by the talent, the sound and the songs from this band.  The sound was great and I found myself bobbing my head and just listening to them.  A few times I put the camera down when I should of been taking pictures!  I met the band and where were really nice guys and were a pleasure to photograph.  If you get the chance, and you are in the Raleigh area check out Cosmic Superheroes.  I will leave there facebook at the bottom of this link.  There will also be a video so you can see the show they played at the Pour house on Saturday night.  More images will be uploaded on my media/photos page.