Photographing Hinder


I photographed Hinder on November 10th 2017 at the Cone Denim Entertainment Theater in Greensboro NC.  A lot of people might know them from their big hits such as "Lips of an Angel", "Better than me", "Use Me" and some others.   A few years ago one of the founding members and lead singer Austin Winkler left the band.  They have since moved on with a new lead singer Marshal Dutton and have released a new album that brings the new singer to the forefront.  Hinder played a great show but when they attempted to cover the past hits with the new vocalist the sound fell flat and lacked the original impact of the original singer.  This has nothing to do with Marshal Dutton because their new original song sounded great and Marshal kicked ass while performing it.  It is hard to imagine or think that Marshal can emulate or give justice to the original singers unique voice and singing style of the original hits.  That should not be something anyone put against him as a singer because he sounds great with the new original songs!  With that being said, listen to the new song from Hinder and you will see how well the new vocalist fits into their music.  It sounds great and I look forward to them growing with the new singer and the new songs.  

You can see with this new song that the band sounds great and they will have a bright future on their new start.  I am a fan of the old classics but their new original song sounds great and I am looking forward to their growth as a new band with a new sound.