Photographing Josh Todd and the Conflict


I got to photograph Josh Todd and the Conflict at the Cone Denim Entertainment Theater in Greensboro NC.  Josh Todd; who is also known from being the lead singer of Buckcherry now has his solo band with buckcherry guitarist Steve Dacanay called Josh Todd and the Conflict.  They are currently on their tour to promote their album "Year of the tiger".   


Josh Todd and the Conflict put on one hell of a great show.  They had extreme enthusiasm and energy to keep the crowd going.   Josh Todd interacted with the crowd and used the stage has his personal play ground.  He was dancing and moving a long with every riff and screaming solo that was played and each hard hitting snare slam of the drums.  Josh Todd's vocals sounded great and it gave the new music a raw rock and roll vocal tone to the screaming guitar riffs from Steve.  Drummer Sean Winchester was amazing.  He just about beat the drum-set into the stage making sure every snare hit and symbol crash could be heard and felt by the crowd.  Bassist Gregg Cash brought to the stage deep bass riffs you could feel reverberate through the stage and so much hair that the rock gods would be jealous.  Each band member was happy to be there and rocked out as hard as they could for the crowd.  It was a great show to photograph and the guys seem really nice and very personable.  I hope to photograph them again someday in the future.  There new album is currently on sale and I put the new music video down below so you can hear the new sound.