Photographing the Dead Deads


I got to photograph the kick ass rock band the Dead Deads on 11/26/2017 at the Ritz in Raleigh.  I will admit I had never heard of this band before until I walked into the venue and was told the Dead Deads were opening for Seether.  I went into the pit and got prepared to start taking pictures when the first electric riff was shredded from the electric guitar.  I looked up and standing above me was this power house of a woman with X's on her eyes looking ready to rock the venue.  I then heard the crashing sounds of the drums reverberating through the floor, I looked to the back and only saw dreadlocks flailing around as if a headbangers ball competition was in session.  I could see arms holding drums sticks crashing into symbols with drum rolls that would make a symphony of musicians jealous.   I looked to my right and saw the bass player exude a calm demeanor while her fingers beat on the bass as if it had said something crude to her face.  It was a sight to be hold in itself but then the sound.....the sound of rock and the vocals just melded the entire musical experience together.   


I started taking pictures as I was finding myself wanting to jump on stage and rock out with them.  The music was infectious and the lead vocalist "Meta Dead" screamed out some harmony driven notes with a twist of angst driven rock.  It was a mixture of old school punk, grunge rock and metal.  They played the show as if they were known by millions and I can see why they have such a dedicated fan following.  I can definitly agree with all the things I read about this band that they will only continue to grow in the rock scene.  I hope to and would look forward to working with them again and photographing their shows!  Go check them out!  Video of one of there songs is below.