Closing a chapter; the end of my wedding photography journey


I got the opportunity to photograph a great couples wedding this past Saturday 9/29/2017.  I have been photographing weddings for almost ten years, but have recently decided to only focus on music and concert photography.  I have been lucky enough to photograph a set of three friends weddings which began with Chelsea, then Kim and now Kayla.  It has been a great honor to see each one of them find their true love and then photograph them walking down the aisle on their special day.  These three friends have all taken part in each others weddings, and it is so cool to have been a part of each one.  Kayla and Clark's day was a great note to close the chapter on my wedding photography journey. 

In recent years,  I have worked hard to build my portfolio in concert photography.  I find myself saying goodbye to booking future weddings and transitioning exclusively into concert photography.  Though this is a new direction for me,  I am excited and look forward to what the future will bring.  On that note, I wanted to capture beautiful photographs for Kayla and Clark's wedding that would encompass the love they share and the happiness they bring to others.  So,  I am very honored that I was granted the opportunity to photograph their wedding.  It has been a joy and great experience to be a part of their special day. 

Thank you Kayla and Clark for giving me the honor of capturing such a special momentous day.    Here is a sneak peak of their day.