The Loss of a Radio Star | Lisa McKay


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Lisa Mckay | A Radio Icon

The radio and music world lost an important and valuable star on January 14th 2018.  Lisa McKay lost her battle with cancer and passed away.  Lisa McKay was the VP of Curtis Media and the program director of the award winning country radio station 94.7 QDR.  Lisa had an incredible impact on so many peoples lives and careers.  She helped people reach their radio dreams and had help the radio station QDR achieve and become an award winning country station.  Her work was recognized and seen by so many people in the radio community.  Other radio stations that were competing with her talked highly about the undeniable drive and talent she had. 

I had met Lisa McKay years ago when I was still in my early 20's working as a board operator for WPTF. WBBB and QDR.  I then would see her again years later as a photographer for QDR, PULSE FM and WBBB radio.  Lisa had always been nice and kind to me and would talk with me back stage during breaks in between the bands sets.  I remember one story that sticks out in my head that I want to share.   We were doing a Halloween concert to help raise money for a local charity.  QDR was hosting the event at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh.  I was back stage with the crew and went on stage to photograph them doing the main event.  This main event was for concert goers that dressed up in their best Halloween costumes go on stage to see who had the best costume.   During all of this Lisa was cracking up talking to the fans that dressed up as each person would describe their particular costume.  



Halloween Concert

We had one fan that was a little too, well let me just say tipsy.  :) (not the person pictured above).  While the happy concert goer was on stage telling us their particular costume and why they made it, Lisa had this expression that just made me laugh out loud and I actually had to put my camera down.  After they finished the costume contest I was standing back stage and told Lisa how she made me laugh.  I told her what I saw and that her expression spoke a thousand words.  Lisa laughed back with me and said "everyone at work tells me I can't hide what I am thinking because it is written on my face".  I told her I can totally see that being very true.  We both laughed.  I got the pleasure of working with Lisa and getting to know her.  I did not know her on an extremely personal level but I knew her on a professional level.  I knew her to be a kind and very straight forward person.  

Lisa is a loss to not only her friends, family but to also the radio community itself.  My heart aches for what her family and close friends are feeling right now.  I have been working with QDR for years and I consider myself a part of that family community.  They are an amazing group of people that only want to do the best and bring the best to the table.  Lisa was the leader of the group and she lead that radio station with pride and showed everyone that a little station in NC can be one of the biggest and best country radio stations in the world.

You will be missed by so many people Lisa.  You impacted so many peoples lives in so many different positive ways.  Thank you for being kind to me and supporting my photography.  I will always and truly be grateful to you for that.  RIP Lisa McKay.  Much Love.


If you would like to send a story, kind word or just grieve you can go to QDR's facebook page for more information.  Click here to directly go to that link.