A Snowy Dog Day in NC


Winter Storm

North Carolina 2018

I live in North Carolina and we got hit with a pretty big snow storm.  Now I know this does not amount to the kind of snow New York, Boston and the mountains get, but for the Raleigh/Durham area it is a lot.  It started snowing here around 10am and has not stopped all day.  They actually don't think it will stop until about 8pm tonight.  The meteorologist states anywhere from 6 to 8 inch's in some areas.  


Since we do not get a lot of snow during the winter season I decided to take full advantage of this and take my boys out for a good play in the snow!  My boys are brothers and are going to be three years old this year.  These guys had a rough start in their young lives and when I adopted them they were very nervous.  They have since bloomed and really opened up.  They are sweet loving boys that I could not imagine not being in my life.  They bring joy, happiness and a sense of companioinship.  They have not really seen snow like this before so they were having a good old time.  I am glad my flu has gone so I could actually enjoy this with them.  Nothing says fun like watching dogs getting excited about snow. :)  I hope everyone is having a great snow day if you are in NC and that everyone is safe or being safe.  

My boy Creed

My Boy Boston


I h ope everyone has a kick ass day and be safe out their if you are in an area that is getting a lot of snow.  Thanks!