Photographing Black River Rebels


I got the chance to photograph South Carolina's own Black River Rebels.  They were the opening band for the Jackyl concert on January 19th at the Ritz in Raleigh.  I was unfamiliar with this band and was looking forward to hearing them.  The cool thing about photographing these shows is that you get the opportunity to hear new music and share it with everyone.  They came out to the stage with a passionate and unforgiving energy.  Each band member played their heart out giving us an enjoyable performance and kick ass sound.   Wade RazR (lead vocals) started belting out vocals with an intense rock enthusiasm you would normally see at huge rock venues.  The Ritz is not that big but they didn't care, they treated this as if it was a 20,000 standing room only stadium!  Wade danced, jumped and interacted with the fans to bring an immersive rock music experience.  Brad "Shotgun" Snipes (drums) made sure you heard his drums with every bass hit, symbol crash and his epic rock yells in between songs.  His energy was not stop and he made sure you felt it!  Robert Dirr (lead guitar/backing vocals) balanced ear screeching solos with rock god poses and towered over the crowd with each ripping shred.  David Disaster (Bass Guitar) was anything but a disaster.  I had never seen someone with a mo-hawk head-bang that much during a set.  He kept the deep pounding bass riffs in rythm while making sure he almost performed epic rock stances.  


Watching the band on stage was a great experience.  Some bands do not keep the energy going and you start to see them drain towards the end of the show.  These guys did not stop and kept the energy at top speed the entire set.  They each looked like they were having a good time and that kept the fans interested.  Bands that can create a enthusiastic energy while playing awesome riffs with ripping vocals can entrance the audience.  Black River Rebels did a great show and kept me wanting to hear more and watch them more as the show went on.  

Check out the pictures below and go to their facebook page to see more or learn more.