Photographing Jackyl



If you were ever wondering if the rock band Jackyl can still rock out and kick some ass, the answer is a loud rock filled resounding yes!  Jackyl has a huge following of fans and almost 205,000 likes on their facebook page, so yeah they are still kicking ass.   I first heard Jackyl in 1993 when I was entering high school.  I was watching MTV (yes kids, MTV still played music videos then) when this band came on and I heard the first guitar riff to "Down on Me".  I heard the chorus and then it happened, the song was locked in my brain.  I could not get it out of my head!   


When I saw that Jackyl was on tour and playing a show in Raleigh I knew I had to reach out to them.  I contacted them through there Facebook page and was put in touch with someone who represented them.  I got my media pass and was excited to photograph an iconic rock band. Lead vocals Jesse James Dupree is the smiling rock singer you will see front and center.  His presence gives you this relaxed energy, this sort of feeling like you could grab a beer with him and talk about rock music and life for a few hours.  Oh,  and yes he still rocks out with the vocals and creates a really fun atmosphere when on stage.  Jeff Worley (lead guitar and backing vocals) kicked some pretty major ass.  He was great to photograph with energy and you could see he was putting it all on the table.  He played great and even tossed a pick into the crowd.  It fell at my feet so I picked it up and gave it to the fan it was supposed to go too.  


Drummer Chris Worley was definitely kicking the shit out of the drums and I mean that in a really good way.  He was just as energetic and fun as the guys up front.  I did not hear him miss a beat and he brought the crowd in by engaging them.  It is important for a drummer to do that and he performed great. 


Roman Glick (Bass Guitar/Backing vocals) was one of the most energetic, wild head banging, and slap happy bass beating guitarist I have seen in a long time.  He really brought his "A" game and just made the stage his own.  He was so much fun to photograph because he was just all over the place and was having a kick ass time. 


My overall feel of there performance was great.  Jackyl did not disappoint.  They are a seasoned band that has seen the ups, downs and trends of rock and roll but have kept true to their rock roots.  The fans are always excited to see them and the crowd was pumped when they walked out onto the stage.  Jackyl even did there signature and well known "Chainsaw Solo" but I unfortunately did not get a picture of that because I had to leave.  I am bummed out I missed it but maybe next time when they are in town I will photograph them again!  Fingers crossed.  If you have the chance to go see Jackyl I would definitely tell you to go see them.  You won't be disappointed at all.  They  bring there "A" game and they can still rock with the best of them after all these years.  It was a pleasure photographing this band and I hope to see them play more shows in 2018.  Go see them!!! It is a kick ass rock experience!