Music Highlight | STONE BROKEN

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Stone Broken

Band Members

Rich Moss - Vocals / Guitar
Chris Davis - Guitar / Vocals
Kieron Conroy - Bass
Robyn Haycock - Drums / Vocals

Walsall, UK

In 2013, lead singer Rich Moss formed Stone Broken with guitarist Chris Davis, bassist Kieron Conroy and long-time musical soulmate Robyn Haycock on drums – the four of them determined and willing to make sacrifices in pursuit of their dreams.

The group’s first declaration of intent came with 2014’s self-financed, self-released EP, The Crow Flies, a calling card largely intended to secure local gigs. But it was the release, in January 2016, of debut album All In Time which truly amplified the word-of-mouth buzz around the band from a whisper to a scream. With Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock picking up on storming opening track ‘Not Your Enemy’, the anthemic ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘Stay All Night’, plus the bruised and beautiful ‘Wait For You’, an ever-expanding audience was alerted to the fact that here was an emerging British outfit with the riffs, the choruses and songwriting smarts to make its mark on the global stage.

 The very first song I wrote for this band is called ‘This Life’ and it’s about taking what you’re good at and using it as a vehicle to move forward, because you only have one shot at life,” says Moss. “We all came into this band a lot more mature and with a greater understanding of the industry, and we agreed between us there should be no half-measures.
— Rich Moss | Lead singer

Fresh off their first-ever U.S. tour with Fozzy, UK rock upstarts Stone Broken have teamed up with Loudwire to premiere the video for "Worth Fighting For."

I wish I could of photographed this band when they were in NC. With an arena rock style sound and vocals to match, this band is on it’s way to big thing. Check this band out, they are going places!
— Chris Sturk | Lead Photographer f2.8
Worth Fighting For’ was written to inspire people to make a change, stand up for something they believe in, or just simply to follow a dream,” the band said. “That’s exactly what we are doing right now - we are traveling the world, playing rock shows, meeting new people, and living every day as it comes. It can be scary and it can be tough at times. But for us, this is worth fighting for!