Photographing Robert DeLong


Robert DeLong

I got the chance to photograph DJ/Singer-Songwriter/Electronic dynamo Robert DeLong on his tour stop in Raleigh NC at the Ritz. Robert has a very creative yet almost mathematical rhythm style to his music and on stage presence. He moves around the stage while multitasking on several different instruments and also electronic beat matching various sounds. It was incredible to watch how he utilized the timing of his music to help him engage with his fans. You could hear how he would pitch bend (it sounded like pitch bending) particular notes while singing. His stage presence was strong and fans would dance along with him and sing back chorus lines from his songs. One of the things that caught my eye is his use of video game peripherals to help him create or modify the beats and sounds. The video game peripheral he was using was a Nintendo Wii controller. He also had this device that when turned on would illuminate this fiber optic style blue light that he could then manipulate to create or adjust sound. It was nothing I had ever seen before and very cool to watch.

You could see that Robert was happy to be there and was having a good time. His energy was high and the fans appreciated that. I found myself enjoying his performance and being amazed at how he pulled off his creative style while still being so engaged with the audience. You do not see that in many creative artists and or musicians. Roberts style of music has been described as a mixture of dubstep and house music but I feel it goes beyond that. His creative mixture of using different tools and or modifying different peripherals to create sound is very unique and incredible. He goes beyond just being a DJ, he is like an electronic engineer manipulating sound by utilizing various tools to express his musical voice.

Check out Robert DeLong to see an incredible show that will leave you spellbound on how he does it.


All photographs are taken and copyrighted by Chris Sturk