Photographing AJR



AJR is an indie pop group that is the brain child of three brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met. The three letters represent the first initials of each brother. The three brothers are multi talented and versed in different musical instruments. This diversity has helped them create and develop their particular pop style and sound. Their music has been described as dubstep, electronic, pop and doo-wop. The group started recording back in 2005 while they were living in a Chelsea apartment. They focused on a DIY approach to their indie pop creations. The brothers released their debut EP, “I'm Ready” (originally called 6foot1) in 2013. The group has grown since then and have built a dedicated fan base. There songs “Sober up” and “Weak” have made them a household name in the indie pop genre.



AJR stopped by the Ritz during their current tour called “The Click Tour, Part 2” and it was sold out. Before the brothers came out on stage their was some venue music playing and the fans just started singing. It was like hearing a choir singing in synchronization and it was loud. I was slightly confused because the brothers had not even come out on stage yet. I grabbed my cell phone and took some video of this and as I panned back to the stage just as Jack Evan Met was running onto the stage and the fans went crazy! Click play on the video below to see what I am talking about.

Soon after the collective scream calmed down everyone in the crowd started singing along with Jack. The other two brothers Ryan and Adam then came out and the show started. It was amazing to see the fans singing every single lyric to almost every single song they played. I think Jack could of just stood their as the music played and the fans would of taken up lead vocals for the night. It was amazing to see and I can only imagine how cool of a moment that was for the brothers to see and feel. Jack did at one point thank the fans for the sold out show and the love they are giving to them. He seemed genuinely grateful and almost shocked that this many people came out to see them.

The brothers played a great set and were very energetic during their performance. They embraced the crowd in such a strong way encouraging them to be a part of the performance. I even saw some fans starting to cry when they were on stage. AJR does put on a very good show and with the dedication of the their die hard fans I can see why the brothers have been so successful and continue to grow musically. AJR is going to be releasing a new album in early 2019 so keep an eye out for that!


Images are copyrighted and taken by Chris Sturk