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I got the opportunity to photograph Nonpoint during their tour stop in Greensboro NC opening up for P.O.D. at the Cone Denim Entertainment Center. I have been asked by many subscribers to cover Nonpoint so this was a great opportunity to capture the bands live performance. The entire band embraced all of the fans that came to the show that night with humor, powerful musical performances and enthusiastic fan interaction. Lead singer Elias Soriano led the charge and tore up the stage with his iconic lyrical and vocal performance. B.C. Kochmit who plays lead guitar and backing vocals brought his sense of humor to the stage while ripping apart the air with his playing style. Rob Rivera(drums), Rasheed Thomas(Rhythm Guitar) and Adam Woloszyn(Bass guitar) round out the band and helped bring one of the best performances of the night.

Nonpoint has had some line up changes through the years but they have kept their strong fan base and musical style in tact. They put out a new album at the beginning of 2018 called “X” album. With powerful and deep guitar work mixed with aggressively passionate vocal performances the “X” album is one of the best Nonpoint albums yet. Songs such as “Dodge your Destiny”, “Chaos and Earthquakes” and “Milestone” which honestly brings me back to the early 90’s hardcore sound; keeps their heavy abrasive metal riffs at the forefront and would make any metal fan smile with glee.

The band as a whole put on a very good show with a mixture of humor, humility and balanced it all out with true hardcore metal. If you have not seen this band live yet, I recommend you to take a moment out of your busy schedule or just quit your job and go see them live!

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