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Johnny, Alexia, Chris, Barry and Zaneta.

Johnny, Alexia, Chris, Barry and Zaneta.


2018 was an amazing year for f28studio.com. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, grow as a photographer and work with awesome publicists, managers and bands. There were so many great shows and performances, on stage antics, fan interactions, crazy situations and overall craziness. In this post lets go over some of the best parts of the 2018 concert season for Chris and f28studio.com.


Factors - lighting, performance, stage presence, energy, crowd and fan interaction, music quality and band fluidity.

    Shinedowns performance was incredibly energetic and full of incredible stage pyrotechnics. Not only was the stage presence amazing the lighting from there light crew was incredible. The band sounded amazing and in key while interacting with each other on stage. The crowd was jumping around and singing back the lyrics and the band interacted with the fans even coming out into the crowd to sing along with the fans. You can see the band was 100% into putting on a great performance for their fans that night and they succeeded. You can see Chris’s pictures and concert highlight at the link below!


Honorable mentions for best show of 2018

Some of the craziest and coolest moments of 2018

  1. Photographing my home city of Bostons very own Dropkick Murphy’s and then getting tapped on the top of my head while in the pit by Ken Casey and Al Barr so they could step over me to get closer to the crowd. Getting to see one of my favorite bands of all time kick ass in NC was a definite highlight!

  2. Meeting, photographing and talking to band members of Sister Hazel. This band has been a big part of my life for a long time so getting the opportunity to work with them and see them live was amazing.

  3. Getting requests to use my photographs from bands like Tremonti, Tesla, Trivium and a few others for promotional purposes. Such a very cool thing to see my work being appreciated.

  4. Photographing Sevendust and Clutch during their tour stop in NC and also getting told from their team that the band really liked the photographs. I have been listening to both bands for over 20+ years so working with their team and photographing their show was truly an awesome thing for me.

  5. Brent Smith of Shinedown leaning down to me in the pit to shake my hand then saying “I appreciate what you guys do!” That was a very cool moment.

  6. Having my photographs hanging up at the offices of radio stations QDR, PULSE FM and WBBB FM.

  7. Meeting people that are fans of my work or follow me on social media at shows. I went to several shows this year and people came up to me just to say hi. It was very cool to meet and talk with a few of these people. I appreciate all their support and I am honored that they would even follow my work. Very cool!

Brent Smith reaching down to shake my hand

There were so many more but I can’t write all of them on here unfortunately. :(


I got to do our first set of interviews this year. It was a learning experience involving camera settings, mic settings and lighting but I am looking forward to doing a lot more in 2019!!

2018 was a big year for me and f28studio.com. I covered a little over 175 artists this year sometimes photographing 5 shows in a week. I have gotten the chance to photograph bands at some of the most incredible venues around NC. I want to give a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported, shared and left great comments on my Instagram page, Facebook page or have e-mailed me. I am looking forward to 2019 and seeing what amazing shows are coming up this coming year!!

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