Photographing P.O.D | Payable On Death



P.O.D also known as Payable On Death is a band with an amazing history in the alternative/nu metal rock universe. POD formed in 1992 and are considered by many as a christian nu-metal band and some people put them in the rap metal category as well. Either way both sides can agree they are one damn good band. The band has sold over 12 million records worldwide, received three Grammy Award nominations, contributed to movie soundtracks and toured around the world. The band is best known for their multi platinum selling album “Satellite” which features such hits as “Alive”, “Youth of a Nation” and “Boom”.

P.O.D’s sound and the way they write their music is unique only to them. The melodic yet heavy guitar rhythms of guitarist Marcos Curiel balance the emotional vocal writings of lead singer Sonny Sandoval. It feels like the music is written around the vocals in some cases because it blends so well together.
We can’t leave out the strong drum performances from Wuv Bernardo on each album and in live performances. If you listen closely you can hear the subtle yet intricately important changes Wuv makes in his playing style which, is why I consider him one of the great drummers from the nu-metal genre.
All of this is topped off with the bass work of Traa Daniels. What some people might not know is that Traa comes from a jazz and funk style bass playing background. You can hear this in some of the songs from POD such as “The Reasons” which really does give a taste to his creative bass work. POD overall is a band that has had a few changes over the years but has kept the same metal style with impactful lyrical writings that people can relate too.

The bands live performance is enjoyable and you will find yourself singing along to each song you hear. The band played at the Cone Denim Entertainment Center in Greensboro NC. It was a small crowd due to the snow storm we had a few day’s before but the band still played strong. Sonny embraced the crowd and fans while engaging with them to sing along on each song with him. Traa was not very active or engaging and stayed in the back part of the stage for the most part with Marcos moving around the stage and yelling out to the crowd. Wuv gave a great drum performance and as far as I could hear kept everything in perfect beat. The sound was well done and you could feel the deep metal riffs and bass lines along with every cymbal hit. Sonny’s voice sounded great and he moved around the stage a lot! He brought a sense of excitement to the stage that Traa and in some cases Marcos lacked. I also want to take into account that touring can take a lot out of a band, so I understand that some nights might not be the most enthusiastic but they all seemed happy to be there with the fans. That is what is the most important part. POD has a long history of being one of the best bands to see live and amazingly kind to their fans. I have listened to and loved this band since I first heard of them in 1996. If you have the chance to see them live I would recommend not to miss out on it. You are going to see one of the best bands that not only makes great music but makes you feel as you are a part of their family.

POD has a new album out and all details will be listed down below! CHECK IT OUT!







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