Photographing Mostley Crue | Tribute band to Motley Crue


Let me pause for a minute because my jaw dropped when I heard the singer of Mostley Crue start his vocal interpretation of the legend Vince Neil.  I am not joking when I say he sounded exactly like Vince Neil.  Ok, now that I have stated that lets talk about the show! 

Mostley Crue opened for the kick ass all female AC/DC tribute band Shoot to Thrill. (Look at previous blog post for review and pictures).   I walked in the pit as the band hit the stage and had to stop and look up because when Gabriel Pettit started signing I was positive I was hearing Vince Neil.  I refocused my eyes just to make sure it was not him.  Gabriel Pettit does a spot on interpretation and vocal rendition of the unique vocal tones of Vince Neil from Motley Crue.  It almost felt like you were watching the actually Motley Crue perform.   Bassist Steve Seagle channeled Nikki Sixx and could have filled in as a body double for him.  

After I finally realized I was watching a tribute band and not the real group I started taking pictures!  This tribute band was spot on for the entire set of their show.  Guitarist Scott Koempel gave an energy filled performance while pushing out on point solo licks complimenting the bass work of Steve Seagle.  Drummer Darius Rose did a great job holding the bands rhythm together as Gabriel Pettit channeled Vince Neil with each vocal note hit.  They performed some of the classic hits that put Motley Crue on the map but did it with such respect to the originals.  The guitars distortion was clean and clear and the bass was just perfect in providing the right amount of reverberation.  The entire show was exceptional and I would recommend seeing them live if you are a Motley Crue fan.  You will feel like you are sitting in the front row watching the actual Motley Crue blast out their greatest hits.  

You can check out their facebook page Mostley Crue

A funny side note, I actually realized after the show I photographed them years ago at a local bar in Cary NC when they were opening up for another AC/DC all female tribute band.  I was starting out on my music photography at the time.  That is pretty crazy how it has come around full circle.  :) 
backseat confi 052 (2).jpg


Picture of me photographing Mostley Crue at a bar in Cary NC. 
I can't believe I found this!  I also photographed the all Female AC/DC tribute band.  I think it was a different band though. 

Pictures below are from the show on February 10th 2018 at the Ritz.