Photographing Shoot to Thrill | All Female AC/DC Tribute Band


Let me start off saying that if you have not seen this band live yet then you are missing out on a kick ass experience.  I photographed the all female AC/DC tribute band at the Ritz in Raleigh on 02/10/18.  They were headlining the show and had the equally amazing Mostley Crue open up for them.   

Shoot to Thrill played to an almost sold out show at the Ritz and the crowd was loving every minute of it.  The vocals of lead singer Kara were top notch and she sounded amazing.  She brought emotion and balance to the distortion of the guitars pounding through out the venue.  The band had great energy and the lead guitarist Susan definitely channeled the energy of legendary guitarist Angus Young in her performance.  The band blended great together and the instruments sounding strong, deep and resonated throughout the venue.  Bassist Jai kept the deep vibration of the bass strong which complimented the screeching guitars while providing backing vocals.  Guitarist Wendy kept the rhythm together with her perfect palming of the strings providing deep riffs which helped propel the uncontrollable headbanging that ensued.  You can't forget the one that keeps it all together by providing the snare smashing, cymbal crashing of controlled rock chaos together, Kate.  She hit the bass drum and slammed on the cymbals and kept the whole show in motion.    

If AC/DC is one of your favorite bands then look no further to see one of the best tribute all female bands around.   They are currently on tour and you will not be disappointed when seeing them live!  You can check out there website for tour dates.