Photographing Mat Kearney


I have been wanting to photograph Mat Kearney for a few years now.  I started listening to his music in 2006 when his first record “Nothing Left to Lose" was released which had a mix of melodic rock and a hint of pop.  So I was excited to photograph his show.  He has a new record coming out in May of 2018 called "Crazy Talk".  Click the picture below to hear music on itunes.

Album release on May 4th.  CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENTER iTUNES! 

Album release on May 4th.  CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENTER iTUNES! 


As I stepped into the pit waiting for Mat to hit the stage I could feel the crowd getting excited to see him live.  The lights dimmed down and the crowd started screaming.  His band members walked out first and then Mat hit the stage.  The energy of the fans was incredible as they collectively cheered once the lights kicked on.    He played a range of songs cover a mix of new material with old.  One of the songs off the new record he played was "Better then I used to be".  This was the first time I had heard it and it was a great new track.  It has a unique mix of pop style, subtle electronic beats and melodic vocal melody with acoustic pops.  It is a great song and the first song of his new record.  What the video below.

Mat put on a great show with amazing energy throughout.  The crowd was engaged and Mat made sure everyone was having a good time.  He dances around the stage with his band mates and would look out into the crowd and egg them on to sing with him.  I would recommend to see Mat in concert if you get the chance.  You won't regeret it.  Pictures of the show down below.