Photographing Dropkick Murphys & Flogging Molly | Concert Review

Dropkick Murphys are a Celtic punk band that formed in Quincy Massachusetts in 1996.  The band is one of the most beloved bands in the state of Massachusetts and the city of Boston.  I grew up in Billerica Mass a small town outside of Boston.  My friends and I would visit Boston on a regular basis and walk Boylston street, watch the Sox games at Fenway, take a walk around Harvard square and so many other places.  I remember hearing Dropkick for the first time in 1998 when their first record release “Do or Die” was released under Hellcat Records.  So to say the least I was very excited to see my home cities band hit the stage and kick some ass.  Now you might think this review is bias due to me being from the area but I will tell you the truth, anyone you talk with that has seen Dropkick live will give you the same experience.  
— Chris Sturk | | f28MP Magazine

Flogging Molly

Floggy Molly came out first and opened the concert with excitement and  punk rock energy we the fans would expect.  Dave King (lead singer) was energized the entire set and his funny and sarcastically filled interaction with the fans was great.  

Dave King - Flogging Molly

Dave King - Flogging Molly

He would occasionally talk about his childhood growing up in Beggars Bush which in Dublin Ireland.  He moved to the states in his 20's where he would form Flogging Molly.  The band worked great together and kept the energy high.  Fans were singing along with every word Dave was projecting.  We even occasionally got some high kicks from Dennis Casey (lead guitar) and I myself got a close up photograph of one! 

Dennis Casey - Flogging Molly

Dennis Casey - Flogging Molly

Left to Right: Dave King,  Robert "Bob" Schmidt and Dennis Casey.

Left to Right: Dave King, Robert "Bob" Schmidt and Dennis Casey.

Flogging Molly put on an epic show that will go down as one of mthe best shows I have photographed and reviewed for 2018.  You need to see the show live to really understand how good they are live.  


Dropkick Murphys

After everyone was riled up and ready to jump in the pit the lights went dim and Dropkick walked onto the stage.  It was almost as if you were watching pro wrestlers about to hit the ring ready to kick ass and take names.  I was in the pit with the other photographers and as I looked up to take my first photograph I saw Ken Casey standing on the back stage silhouetted with armed raised up letting the crowd know they have arrived. 


The guitar riffs started and the crowd just started screaming in excitement.  I turned around to see fans just jumping up and down while the barricade did it's best to hold everyone at bay.  There was a small platform that the band had right in front of the pit.  The platform was for Ken Casey and Alexander Barr could stand on and get close to the crowd.  Dropkick did not hold back and the energy was high as fans were singing back the lyrics and harmony as you could see Dropkick just pause and smile and listen to the fans.  Dropkick is a band that hardworking people can relate too.  Their lyrics not only express the hardships of blue collar work but also battles with drug and alcohol addiction.  Their song "State of Massachusetts" is a perfect example of this.  The song was released in 2008 on their sixth studio album "The Meanest of Times".  The song covers the delicate subject of abuse and drugs in a persons life and the damage is causes.  

Dropkick is a band that fans from around the world respect and listen to not only for their incredible Celtic punk rock style but also their dedication to their communities, fans and people in need.  Dropkick will give you a live performance that you won't anytime soon forget and will make you wanting more.  Dropkick has released a new album with new songs including "Paying my Way" which covers the battle of addiction and the fight to stay clean.
Watch the video below.   This song is something I personally relate to as a recovering alcoholic and I think for anyone who deals with addiction can relate too as well.  Keep fighting and be proud to be a fighter and clean.  


New Album

01/06/2017 Released

Album is also sold anywhere you buy your music including google play, iTunes, Amazon, Target and many other places. 


   All photographs and the review was written by Chris Sturk.   Thank you to Dropkick and Flogging Molly for having me out to cover their show.  It was a great show and I and my team definitly recommend to see them both live.  Also check out their new album, it is really good!