Photographing 3 Doors Down


3 Doors Down

I got the chance to photograph 3 Doors Down during their tour stop in Greensoboro NC.  I have been a fan of this band for many years since their first single "Kryptonite" came out.  They released their first album in 2000 called "The Better Life" and it sold a crazy amount of copies.  The band was then a staple in the rock music world.  One of my favorite songs from the band is "It's not my time" off of their self titled 3 doors down album that was released in 2008.  

 It was a beautiful night and the weather was holding up.  I waited in the pit for the show to start and then the lights went dark and the guitars started playing.  The crowd went wild and out comes Brad Arnold full of energy and went right into the first song.  He sounded great and was very energetic.  The rest of the band kept the flow going and they embraced the crowd.  It was a rock show and they made sure they showed the fans that.  The lighting was expressive with varying colors and there were two small stage risers on the left and right side of the stages.  This let Brad and the rest of the band stand on them as they were playing and engaging with the crowd.  You would not think the band has been around for 20+ years because they played and moved around the stage as if they just released their first album.  The band is well known for being very patriotic and has a close relationship with veterans and military personal.  They had American flags placed on either side of the stage attached to the stage risers.  It was a great show and 3 doors down sounded great, I would recommend you seeing them if you get a chance.  They are currently on tour, check out their website listed at the end of this blog for tour dates. 


Images are copyrighted by Chris Sturk.