Photographing All Time Low


All Time Low

All Time Low stopped by Raleigh NC before heading off to continue their big tour with Dashboard Confessional. The band walked out on stage to screaming fans and also a few bra’s that magically appeared on the stage and placed on guitarists Jack Barakat mic stand. The band played some of their new material from their album Last Young Renegade which was released in 2017.

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Click picture to get album

The band was energetic and mixed humor with their on stage presence. The stage was smaller so the band was not really able to jump around as much as they wanted too. Lead singer Alex Gaskarth sounded good but did have some trouble with higher notes during their set. He did talk about it and acknowledged it after he was trying to hit a high note on a particular song. He did not sound bad and sang very well, just some high notes sounded a little off. Alex and Jack would bounce back and forth creating humorous segues into each song they played. Drummer Rian Dawson played great and kept the tempo beautifully with energy and power. Bassist Zack Merrick was jumping around as much as he could on the small stage while singing backing vocals. The bands show was overall energetic and the fans were singing back almost every lyric that Alex was singing to them. During the start of their show they shot off confetti and then a few songs later shot off string confetti. Towards the end of the night they had these two huge bouncy balls they gave to the crowd to kick around. The large bouncy style balls almost seemed to glow which was pretty cool. All Time Low is currently starting up the second leg of their tour with Dashboard Confessional and you can find tour dates on their corresponding websites.


Photographs taken by Chris Sturk. Images are copyrighted.