Photographing Shinedown


Shinedowns live performance is going down on my list as one of the top three concerts of 2018. There stage presence was excitingly overwhelming and jaw dropping. Lead singer Brent Smiths vocals were spot on and in key the entire set. The entire band was energetic and showed a great enthusiasm that is was contagious and spread across the coliseum like a virus. Watching their set is like watching a laser show with pyrotechnics as a backdrop to the bands unique sound of rock. During his performance Brent would walk the entire stage engaging with every fan he could as if he was singing his lyrics directly to that individual. Drummer Barry Kerch was insane on the drums and I honestly don’t know how he did not melt from the pyrotechnics. His played the drums as if he was attempting to shake the earth with each beat! Lead guitarist Zach Myers energized the crowd with each string he played while running around the stage and bassist Eric Bass performed some pretty epic jumping kicks (which I missed capturing!) while making sure you felt the bass riffs deep in your ear canals.

I saw a new Shinedown make their presence felt loud and clear while stating “we are fucking back!”. They are bringing one of the best tour performances to the stages this year so if you get a chance to watch them don’t miss out on it. They played some material off their new record and some old material as well.


  • Brent addressed the crowd and welcomed everyone to the show. He talked about some of the music and meaning behind some songs.

  • Brent came to the front of the stage, leaned down towards the pit and shook my hand and the other photographers hands to show us some love. It was a very cool moment for us. I got a photograph of it not even realizing it. I just was taking pictures when he leaned down to shake my hand. It’s blurry but very cool moment for a concert photographer and a fan!

  • Zach walked to the back part of the stage behind Barry performing a solo while pyrotechnics and fire flames shot off in the background. Very cool!

  • Brent walked out into the crowd and was talking with the crowd and then ran back to the stage. The fans got a close up, so you could see their excitement.

  • Towards the end of their show Zach and Brent walked down to the soundboard in the back of the venue to a small stage. They did a nice acoustic set for the fans in the stadium seating which was very cool to see.

This was the moment Brent leaned down to shake my hand.  Very cool moment.

This was the moment Brent leaned down to shake my hand. Very cool moment.

Shinedown definitely brought their A game to Greensboro Coliseum and I left there just drained from the amount of energy I expelled while watching them kick ass on stage. Go check them out!


You can check out their new album down below. It is also sold everywhere music is sold including Google Play, Spotify and Amazon.

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