Music Highlight | Avril Lavigne | Head above Water Single

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Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is back and with a powerful song that really brings out the best parts of her unique voice. The sound of the music is almost poetic and melds beautifully with her voice. This new single is a departure from her older material but you can feel and hear the growth not only personally but musically. The mixture of the piano blended with a powerful yet calm chorus creates a song that is explosive in it’s expression of emotion. Watch the video below and check her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.



Head above water.

This song has Avril sharing an emotional and scary time in her life with such beautiful execution it is truly a come back for the iconic pop star. The new single brings out a vulnerable side of her we have not really seen in her previous work. I am a fan of this new single.
— Lead Photographer Chris Sturk |