Photographing the Aces

To Aces fans, I was unfortunately not able to get any usable photographs of drummer Alisa Ramirez and or guitarist Katie Henderson due to the lighting on the stage. We hope to cover them again in the future to capture their performances for you the fans.

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The Aces

The Aces (formerly The Blue Aces) are an American alternative band from Provo, Utah.  The band comprises four members: guitarist Katie Henderson, bassist McKenna Petty, and sisters drummer Alisa Ramirez and lead vocalist and guitarist Cristal Ramirez. The group formed whilst they were all at school together.

Their first single as The Aces, "Stuck", was released in 2016, eventually reaching #38 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in late 2017. The band's second single, "Physical", was released in 2017 in advance of their debut EP I Don’t Like Being Honest.  The band is signed to Red Bull Records.

I got the opportunity to cover the Aces tour stop in Chapel Hill NC at the Cat’s Cradle. I had seen the band live and photographed them over a year ago when they were on tour opening for another group. There stage presence at that time was fun and the vibe they put out was contagious. I knew at that time if I got the chance to cover them in the future I would want to share it with our subscribers. The Aces is a four piece of very talents and creative woman. They have a unique blend of indie pop with this light blend of 80’s style pop mixed in. Lead singer Cristal Ramirez has a voice that mixes well with the melodic percussion of the band as well as showing her talent for creative world play. The entire group has a fun energy about them when they are on stage. Bassist McKenna Petty had a smile on her face the entire set and lead guitarist Katie Henderson kept the rhythm as well as backing vocals clear and on point. Drummer Alisa Ramirez (who also happens to be Cristals sister) kept the beat flowing with each drum riff.

The band brings a fun and engaging show to their fans. The show they played in Chapel Hill was sold out and the fans were loving every bit of them. Fans were singing back lyrics and trying to reach out to Cristal and she would touch a few fans hands while singing. It is always a great thing to see woman kicking ass on stage singing the songs they created while sharing their music with the world. The Aces have a very upbeat yet thoughtful and true style of music. They are the band you turn up when driving to the beach with the windows down blaring every note while you sing along. The Aces are going to only get bigger and bigger and they are a four piece that will someday rule the indie pop scene from the top. They put on a great live performance. Check them out while they are on tour, you won’t regret it!


The Aces


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