Photographing Shinedown | Crown Complex Fayetteville

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I got the chance to cover Shinedown during their tour stop at the Crown Complex in Fayetteville NC. I covered Shinedown last year during their 2018 tour with Godsmack and I put their concert at the top of the 2018 best show list for f2.8. Shinedown did not disappointment and kept the high energy stage performance from last year while also bringing back the kick ass pyrotechnics. Shinedown is a band that brings such an empowering and honest stage presence and performance to the fans that most other bands can’t compete with. Brent Smith did not miss a beat and brought forth his amazing and powerful vocals to the fans of Fayetteville

Shinedown brings what I considered a personable and honest concert experience to the fans. Brent encourages friendship and togetherness during their shows. He encourages fans to embrace and meet the people around them. He encourages love and friendship during their shows. You do not see this very often at rock shows. I think this is what makes them stand out as one of the best live performers in rock music today. I talked with fans waiting for Shinedown to hit the stage and I got a lot of the same response to my question.

“What do you love about Shinedown?” My responses were all variations of the same feeling which was “They make me happy”. I got a lot of “I love them”, “They fucking Rock!”. “They have helped me through hard times”. A few fans talked to me about how their music has helped them deal with certain things in their life while giving them hope and belief that they can get through that said time. After talking with the fans I can say that Shinedown has the ability has a band to help and encourage people to battle through certain things in their life through their music. I have never met Brent Smith but I also hear from fans that have met him how encouraging, nice, compassionate and kind he is. The fans also talk highly of the band in general.

If you still have not experienced Shinedown in person you really need to get tickets when come to your area. You won’t regret it, not only is the show amazing but also you will leave their happy and full of life.


Photographs taken and copyrighted by Chris Sturk and