Covering Citizen Cope | Lincoln Theater

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Citizen Cope Live in Raleigh NC at the Lincoln Theater

We got to cover Citizen Copes tour stop in Raleigh NC at the historical Lincoln Theater. Clarence Greenwood (aka Citizen Cope) is a singer songwriter who was born in Tennessee but lived most of his youth in Washington DC. His music has been categorized as a mixture of blues, soul, folk and some blended rock riffs mixed in. Many fans don’t even give his music a category they just say it’s “Citizen Cope” style of music. His style and creative writing does make his music unique and it stands out on it’s own. You can see his passion and emotional connection with the music he writes and creates during his live performances. When he performs live, it can create this feeling of a deep connection to him that reverberates through your ears. When we were covering his set we saw fans just almost zoning out and embracing the music. They would dance but in a very slow and “groove” style.

The album a lot of people talk about his is 2004 release called “The Clarence Greenwood Recordings” which included amazing songs like “Sideways”, “My way home”, “Bullet in a Target” and many others. It was a record that would propel him larger audience. Clarence has played and performed with some of the biggest names in music including Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Joan Osborne and has opened for Dave Mathews band and has toured around the world. He has worked with so many great musicians we can’t list them all. He is a respected and loved singer songwriter among his peers.

We had a great time covering his set and he performed just as he always has, cool, smooth and passionate. I (Chris) have seen Citizen Cope live 3 times and was honored I got to photograph him. He is truly one of the last remaining unique and create singer songwriters of a generation. He has a new records out now, links are down below! Citizen Cope is currently on tour so check your area for concert listings.

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