We got the chance to cover The Lemonheads during their tour stop in NC at the Cats Cradle in Carborro.

The Lemonheads have over a 20+ year history in music. They burst on to the seen in the early 90’s with songs such as “It’s a shame about Ray” and “Mrs Robinson” but the band had been together since the late 80’s. They are from Boston Massachusetts which is the home city of our lead editor Chris Sturk, so it was a sweet moment for him to cover this show. The Lemonheads along with bands such as REM and Sebadoh helped launch the alternative music scene in the 90’s. They continue to tour and just released a new album of cover songs called Varshons 2. This album is The Lemonheads unique take on some of music’s biggest hits. There will be a link down below to purchase their new album.

The band played to a packed house at the Cat’s Cradle and we saw fans of all ages. The band came out to a loud fan fair and went right into performing. During their performance you could see die hard fans singing a long with each song and dancing the night away without a worry in the world. The band sound good but you could tell Evan Dando had some trouble hitting certain notes but that is to be expected with a group who has been playing for as long as they have. The voice is not going to be the same as it was 20+ years ago and I think fans understood that. One of the songs that got the crowd excited was “Shame about Ray” which they played flawlessly as far as we could tell. Evans voice was on key during that song and it sounded great. It was a very relaxed and calm environment during their set as fans just whisked their worries about and embraced the music. Evan did joke with some of the fans and engaged with them. During their set you did not really see any fans using their cell phones that much which was nice to see. Almost all the concerts we cover it is cell phone inception most of the time.

In the end the Lemonhead fans came out to support a band that has a storied history of creative music and will always be one of the founding fathers of the alternative rock scene. We are glad we got to cover them! They are currently on tour, check their website for tour dates in your area.

  • “Can’t Forget” (Yo La Tengo)

  • “Settled Down Like Rain” (The Jayhawks)

  • “Old Man Blank” (Bevis Frond)

  • “Things” (Paul Westerberg)

  • “Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness” (John Prine)

  • “Abandoned” (Lucinda Williams)

  • “Now and Then” (Natural Child)

  • “Magnet” (NRBQ)

  • “Round Here” (Florida Georgia Line)

  • “TAQN” (The Eyes)

  • “Unfamiliar” (The GiveGoods)

  • “Straight To You” (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

  • “Take It Easy” (Eagles)