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Photographing Betty Who


I am trying to think of words to write that would describe the incredible live show that Betty Who had put on in Raleigh NC on April 26th 2018.  I had never heard of Betty Who before that night but after experiencing her synth pop, dance fueled and energetic stage show first hand I can safely say I am a huge fan.  Betty Who (Jessica Anne Newham) is an Australia-born singer-songwriter that has a history of music in your blood.  At a young age she learned Cello and is a self taught piano and guitar player.  She started mastering her artist and creative writing while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston where she met producer Peter Thomas who helped build her synth pop style.  


Betty Who put on a show that I have never experienced and it is by far the best show I have photographed this year so far.  She walked out on that stage ready to make every fan at the Lincoln theater that night dance until they would collapse in exhaustion.  "How is everyone in Raleigh doing tonight?!"  The crowd screamed back letting her know they were happy she was there.  She dance on stage with two other dancers and her band joined in and made sure they brought the feeling of a good night with them. 

I would definitely recommended anyone to see her live and experience the truly amazing performance in person.  I was back stage getting ready to take some more pictures and I actually looked at one of the guys on her crew and said "holy shit! she is amazing live!  What and incredible show!" he looked right back at me, smiled and said "I know!".  

I put some of the song she played that night down below with pictures from the show.  Check out Betty Who!  You won't regert seeing her show live!!

Talking with her fans. 

Talking with her fans.