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F28MP Magazine is a music and photography magazine that looks to bring amazing concert photographs, stories, interviews and more to the masses.  F28MP Magazines lead photographer & editor Chris Sturk along with his team want to give music fans the best visually engaging experience while reading the magazine.  We believe in the idea that creative and high quality concert photographs not only let the fans experience the show as if they were there but also let the artists show their amazing performances in the best possible way. 

I want to capture music history in the making. My goal is for music fans to see these amazing performances in the best possible way. I hope people will look at my photographs while imaging themselves there and for the artists to have another creative platform to share their live performances with their fans.
— Chris Sturk (Lead Photographer and Editor)

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  • Can I cancel at anytime? Yes you can. You would just send us an e-mail and we will take you off the list. No questions asked.

  • What kind of music does the magazine cover? We cover all types of music. We photograph country, hip hop, punk, metal and more. We interview and cover all different styles and influences of music.

  • I am a photographer, can I contribute to the magazine? We are currently looking into growing the team of photographers for the magazine. We do have special things we look for but we will have more on that coming soon!

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